Craving for Durians during MCO

Looking for durians during this abnormal period? Shan Cheng Durian Penang ( provides durian delivery service from farm to your doorsteps. Shan Cheng Durian Penang is located in Balik Pulau, Penang.

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Their durians are from high hill old tree (at least 25 years and above old tree). They are pesticide free, grown naturally in a balance and healthy ecosystem way. They also have MyGap (Malaysia Good Agriculture Practice) certificate for their plantation.

They started providing durians delivery service from their farm to your doorstep 3 years ago. Their durians are freshly packed into plastic boxes and nicely vacuum sealed before being delivery to your doorstep. To ensure that the durians are of top quality, they are delivered to customers on the day of harvest. They do not sell overnight durians as the taste of durians will deteriorate.

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They have most of the Penang famous durian varieties. Every variety have their unique taste, colour and texture.

  • Ang Hae/ Red Prawn is one the famous varieties in Penang. It has soft, juicy and fibreless texture. The flesh is pale pink-orange in colour and caremel-like, bitter-sweet in taste. Sometimes, it also has winey taste.
  • Horlor is golden-orangish yellow in colour. It is fleshy and creamy, and sweet in taste.
  • Cheh Pui/ Green Skin has smooth and juicy flesh. The flesh is pale yellowish in colour. It is bitter-sweet in taste.
  • Khun Bao is fleshy, sticky and has hint of bitterness. It’s flesh is sharp orange-red in colour.
  • Xiao Hong/ Little Red is bitter-sweet in taste. It has smooth, soft, juicy and orange-red flesh.
  • Lin Feng Jiao is also bitter-sweet in taste. It is fleshy, creamy, sticky and pale yellow in colour.
  • Capri is bitter, juicy and creamy. The flesh is pearl-white in colour.
  • Orchi/ Black Thorn is currently the most expensive durians. It is fleshy and creamy. The flesh is orange in colour. It has winey and bitter sweet taste.

As they do not keep their durians overnight, the amount and the variety of durians available is dependent on their daily harvest. So, it is advisable to make reservations.

They are providing delivery service from their farm to your doorstep. Their delivery service is not only for Penang Island & Mainland, they also cover KL/Selangor/Klang Valley. Enjoying freshly dropped durians from Balik Pulau Penang at home is no longer impossible for people staying at KL/Selangor/Klang Valley.

Contact Details:

  • Phone no: +60102748988

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